5 Ways How Wii U Can Be Successful

Nintendo made a big announcement this morning by revealing that the Nintendo 3DS will see a massive price cut, effective August 12, that will make the 3DS $169.99 – down from $249.99.

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Nintendo says that for any 3DS owner who connects online to the Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας με WordPress at least once before August 12 will automatically be registered into its Ambassador program which will give owners a couple of perks.

The new Wii and Wii U dropping GameCube compatibility has raised a little ire among the NIntendo faithful, leading to 1UP offering a reminder that lost functionality over time is nothing new.

That’s actually a curious thing: there has been talk that the system will only support one Wii U touchscreen controller, and Iwata says that it’s crucial one comes with the system. If that’s the case, then would there be much of a market for additional controllers? Something doesn’t quite add up…

That’s it for Straight Shooting this week. I’ll be back here Monday, though you can still catch up on what is happening as it relates to other game platforms and more fun stuff on Twitter @PoisonMushroomO, or check out the digest version on PoisonMushroom.Org!

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