Best Gift Ever – Photo Prints On Canvas

DON’T CREATE YOUR PORTFOLIO ALBUMS BASED SOLELY ON YOUR “GREATEST HITS.” There is nothing more misleading regarding a photographer’s talent than looking at a sample wedding album that is a compilation of their best shots at 50 different weddings. An album such as this may be useful in understanding just how great an image you are capable of producing, but that’s really all it tells your client. Show albums that display one entire wedding from start to finish. A good wedding photographer should be able to produce a number of complete albums to show the client. Be sure and explain to your client why this is such a better way to assess your skill. Use this to separate yourself from your competitors! Tell your client that virtually anybody with a decent camera can get one great shot per wedding.

When you do this well you won’t be sidetracked. You won’t be trapped into questioning the decisions you’ve already made. You won’t be tempted to change your mind.

A flash gun is too important a piece of equipment to skimp on though, and the versatility that comes with more power is irreplaceable. As fully featured as flash units have become, the thing that determines price the most is still the guide number.

ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS DURING THE SALES PITCH. Every photographer can tell their clients great things about themselves and so they should. But in your initial wedding consultation with the couple, show your interest in what they want by asking questions. Ask them the types of photography styles they are interested in and what they are looking for in a wedding photographer essex. Don’t make the initial meeting just one long boring lecture about how wonderful you are. Turn it into a 2-way conversation. Show them you care!

Studio photography usually includes traditional poses with lights and backdrops. A good portion of these recordings are given and takes place in a controlled situation. You’ll still have a fair share of shots too, but the focus here is on portraits. Does the photographer have a good knowledge of lighting? Enter for harsh shadows under the eyes or on the walls or in the background. Are the pictures placed stuffy or casual and fun? Considered under these tips will help you correct the studio photographer. With a photojournalist to cover your wedding your images give a spontaneous feeling.

How would you like to be served? You must decide if you want the simple ‘stand against a wall and smile with your arms around your family’ photographs, OR do you want ‘all of the emotion of the day brilliantly captured’ photographs. Do you want that photograph of your husband to be with the rare tear on his face to show? He loves you. You want to see that moment everyday you look at your wedding photographs. Isn’t it a special moment that would make you tear-up too?

Previous Work – Ask the photographer to see a full album from a wedding. Often in their portfolios they only show the best work, what about the other photos? Is their quality equally good?

It’s a good idea to find out just how much stuff they are going to have with them. If the hall you’ve booked for the reception is small, it would help to know that kind of information too.

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