Best Winter Yoga Retreats

Stimulates the liver’s vital force – Among the many functions of the liver is to clean and detoxify the body. It purifies the blood and process fats. When a liver is strong and healthy, it is able to dispose bad fats and enable good fats to work, to help you lose weight. It supplies you with energy by making enzymes that power the muscles and storing glucose. Certain yoga poses such as cobra pose, wheel pose and bow pose provide vital force to your liver while keeping it healthy and strong.

You need to make prior arrangements for attending a yoga retreat. Most of the retreats around the world are private and so you need to make the bookings in advance in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

As yoga evolved in India there has been many myths cropping up over the years of what it is exactly entails. Here are what I believe are the top five myths out there.

We went surfing. Riding on waves, we experienced the natural beauty of this exquisite land. We savored the local dishes and cuisines and drank cocktails by the sandy beaches as we watched the sun set and shared stories and had a good laugh. I had the time of my life. Literally speaking! It was the best two weeks’ vacation ever!

I learnt to pose on bridge and my stress from work literally vanished with a calming rose oil. Standing forward combined with a lavender scent I felt the incredible relaxation. Peppermint, sandalwood, cedar wood, myrrh… they were all there, supporting my yoga exercises. What was I thinking when I choose that spicy trip…

Go on a retreat. This is the most perfect way to better your practice, go on a vacation and meet new people all at the same time. Yoga vacations Nicoya peninsula are taught by known instructors in beautiful places anywhere from the Caribbean to Greece. You will spend the day between being in class on a beach to relaxing by the ocean.

Ubud is a popular spot on the island for yogi retreats. There are several yoga and spa villas situated through out the town. You can wake up in the morning and start your day with sun salutations and after yoga class you can head to the spa and get pampered from head to toe! There are also many historical sites and temples in and around Ubud that are worth exploring. This peaceful town is located away from the coast, in the hills of Bali. Many yogis’ leave Ubud with peace of mind, and a blissful state of being.

Some people might assume that relaxing is just leaving your daily chores for some days, grab a pillow and fall into deep sleep. However, this may not hold true at all times. When your body needs to relax, it needs more of your attention. Relaxation means to think about all the ways you can give more time to your body and ways that will make it feel better.

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