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Like many of my clients, I am always looking for ways to speed things up – to produce more results with the same or even fewer resources. We probably agree on this. The key is certainly not about working harder; it may not even be about working smarter. But there are definitely ideas which work, and those ideas need to be uncovered. Often you can find them through analytical thinking. In my last article I discussed this: a process of asking deliberate questions, and in a disciplined, even rigorous way, coming up with answers. Asking and answering, that’s the analytical thinking process. Do it enough and you will likely come up with something useful.

Know the dimensions of your packaging before listing the item. Some packages cost more to ship because of their dimensions. Knowing the weight alone isn’t enough.

Boredom – The thrill seeking procrastinator finds menial tasks boring. Running errands is more fun than fixing a squeaking ceiling fan. If the trip to the office renovation, the bank and the grocery store takes up enough time, the ceiling fan will have to wait until another day because now it is time to cook dinner, which is still more fun than fixing a ceiling fan.

Bring in outside speakers or consultants to spout off their ideas. (I know this might seem like a shameless plug.) Or cross-over people from departments who normally don’t work together. That always gets the juices flowing. Take these mixed-up groups and do any of the above.

Make sure that every box is labeled and accounted for. Give detailed instructions to your movers. Have a game plan; print out a map or directions for the movers in case they lose you on the way. Post signs at each room corresponding to the labels that you have put on your boxes to guide the movers to where your boxes will go. Direct the flow of traffic and be available for questions.

It is best if you can do 30-60 minutes of moderate to high level intensity cardio workouts most days of the week. It is also helpful to add resistance training to your workouts 3 times per week. By lifting weights, you will be adding lean muscle, which will in turn speed up your resting metabolic rate.

The post card marketing has been a successful tool in giving the business the required results. One should follow some basic rules in the campaigning of the post card. First rule is to use a strange photo to make the card very attractive and unique. Secondly if you want to add your product in the photo then it should look very exciting to draw the attention of everyone.

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