Five Strategies On How To Get Over A Broken Relationship

When your wife tells you she wants a divorce, it’s usually for one of three reasons. One, she is tired of trying to work out the problems in your relationship. Two, she doesn’t think you are listening to her, so she is trying drastic measures. Or three, she has been thinking about divorce for a while and just didn’t tell you. If your wife says it’s over but you want to save your marriage, how do you know which one is the reason for her decision?

The first thing to do is to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling. If you are just “rubbing along” together, then with both partners willingness, the relationship can probably be revived and saved. Signs of this are when you feel reasonably happy as long as you don’t probe beneath the surface to look for what is missing. Alternatively, perhaps you are just pretending to be happy, afraid to step out of your comfort zone and the consequences of voicing your doubts. Guilt and confusion can be a common factor in relationships where one partner is just going through the motions.

Once you have got your admin duties sorted out you will need to think about having your locks changed. This is important especially if they managed to pick the locks or if there is no sign of forced entry. You should also consider doing this to safeguard yourself if they accessed your garage and stole a car with keys in it.

Your place will need a good clean after everyone has vacated the premises. It will work out wonderfully if you already have a maid, as you can ring her and ask her to come around. If you do not, see if your extended family is willing to pitch in.

Fixed is the key word here. It can make a lot of sense to transfer balances over to a lower fixed interest rate card. Just don’t be late with your payments or you may be faced with an automatic interest rate increase.

If you or members of your family were there when the incident happened they will probably need some Ross Jeffries. The police should be able to help you out with this. If anyone was attacked or harmed they will probably need more intensive assistance and a long term strategy may be necessary.

If increasing income is not an option by either selling something or working additional hours, my personal advice to a parent is NOT to bale the youth out of debt. This will teach nothing. Therefore the only recourse is decrease expenses.

We may never really know the true history or the origins of the Tarot. Nevertheless, we continue to be attracted to the Tarot’s wisdom, symbols and story.

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