Independent Music Promotion On The Web: 3 Steps To Success

I used to be very busy with the other aspects of my work-answering phone calls, emailing clients, meeting with my staff-among the many other things that consumed my time.

Pick the Positive People: If you find you are surrounded by negative people all the time, it’s time for a change. You need to be upbeat when you meet and deal with people. You need confidence in yourself and your music. You must keep the end results of your music promotion campaign in mind at all times.

Now I’m not going to explain the whole economic theory behind 80/20 in this post, but as far as we are concerned for music marketing it goes like this.

Tunecore – Tunecore is similar to CDBaby, except that it’s all based on digital sales–no physical products. You don’t really need an account for your band at both Tunecore and CDBaby, but you might consider Tunecore’s services if your band sells a lot of digital music. Tunecore charges annually, but gives bands 100% of their profits (in contrast to CDBaby, which shaves a bit off the top).

One must also find the Niche. As already mentioned there are thousands of blogs out there on the internet about music, bands etc. They key is writing about a niche topic and then one will be more likely to attract a targeted audience. To try and compete with an already established blog that has high page rankings, a strong viewer base, and lots of existing content is going to just get one frustrated. Focus on one key area of music or playing in a band and one will create own loyal fan base who will crave informative articles.

Promo Tip #2 Image is everything. Image is the complete package – artist/band name, look, performance, merchandise, and style, to how that brand is marketed. A stage name can be a descriptive statement of the image you or your band project. Be unique and interesting to look at in some way….build your own unique stage persona.

For a real simple and efficient way to produce some amazing hip hop beats then why not take a look at my free blog below where I show you how you can become a hip hop producer.

If you go to Google and type in the name of you favorite singer they will also give you a whole bunch of search suggestions that people are searching for right now.

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