Kim Kardashian Works Out On The Treadmill While Updating Social Media

Every morning, as soon as I wake up I reach for my iPhone and feverishly check how many followers I’ve picked up overnight, tweet a quick hello and move on to check my Klout score. I freely admit that I’m addicted to social media, but it’s OK – it’s part of my job, kind of.

It is unclear whether Beyonce cut her hair because she was bored and wanted a new style, or if there was some sort of hair mishap. Either way, the end result is a very short and very blonde pixie cut. Of course Beyonce would be beautiful even if she shaved her head bald, but is this a good look for her? One might think this close cropped look might not blend well with her costume and dance moves.

Crave states that Jay-Z emailed Hot 97 Bossman, Ebro Darden, denying that Beyonce was pregnant. “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs,” Jay-Z reportedly emailed the program director. Rumors began circulating when Beyonce had to cancel some shows because she was ill.

Over the past couple of weeks, “Bachelorette” star Jef Holm has been caught flirting with tons of younger girls, but it seems that he is now bashing Emily with his actions. No wonder she deleted all of the pictures of Jef on her instagram proxies. It is no secret that Arie and Jef stayed good friends after the show, and they have been mocking Jef’s relationships on Twitter by joking around.

For some boomers, technology is a mystery best left to our children and grandchildren. Many of us can program our watches, DVDs and coffee makers but are less confident when it comes to newer technology. Others among us have embraced technology willingly, quickly learning all that we can about the newest of what my dad would call gizmos and gadgets.

In fact, the holiday has become so popular, President Barack Obama even tweeted about it in 2012 with the tweet, “Arrr you in?” And legislators in Michigan recently approved Senator Roger Kahn’s resolution to officially recognize International Talk Like a Pirate Day in the state of Michigan.

Small business owners need to show a little imagination and ingenuity. This is one way to make yourself different, to use your imagination and show your vision for almost no cost!

One thing to note, if you’re protective of your pictures, choose only the ones you want to share publicly and consider adding a watermark to prevent theft.

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Kim Kardashian Works Out On The Treadmill While Updating Social Media

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