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Are you looking for a phone that can give you the best of both worlds? If you are, then let me talk about the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Yes, this is a smartphone that is capable of giving you the very best of both worlds. I am talking about touch display and Full QWERTY keyboard. You will appreciate the advantages of using a touch display (TFT Capacitive Touch Display) and a touch delicate full QWERTY handset.

When a man is sitting in a espresso shop and sees a QR code on the wall, is he going to pull out his mobile phone and scan it? The answer to that query depends greatly on one thing: what will the user gain if he scans the code?

Blogging is one fantastic way of advertising your trade. Blogging can be quite a challenge because you will be required to make investments some of your time in it. Nevertheless, this is extremely helpful and you should do it when possible. Alternatively, you can get help from freelancers who are accessible in a lot. You can merely hire a author, give them directions and they are sure to come up with a high quality blog publish for you.

Samsung plans to launch the new toy on September 2 at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany. Evidently, it’s equipped with augmented reality templates attributes and video clip call, as well as complete internet browsing.

Robo Protection – Nicely we couldn’t have a HTC apps checklist with out a game could we? Robo Protection is a tower defense game with fairly complex details. You can build mazes with upgradable towers, and there are new achievements and levels added. The level generator creates random hurdles throughout the map to provide new ways of playing the game, and best of all, there is a free demo.

When it arrives to higher-speed internet abilities this new RIM handset has more to provide. Its predecessor is capable of downloading at speeds of up to three.6 mbps. The successor can obtain at speeds of up to 14.4 mbps. With this much internet speed on a 3G community, you are certain to enjoy more from searching web sites, downloading applications, and streaming videos.

Superb Hd Digital camera and Magnetometer – This smartphone is capable of Hd recording at exactly 720 p. This will allow you to capture movies and view it utilizing this handset, an HDTV, or by way of your pc. It comes with a zero shutter lag photograph and a 5MP camera. Uploading your pictures and video clip is just a click away. You can share these movies and pictures by way of your Facebook account. Take photos and videos and upload them effortlessly any time and anyplace. The phone’s electronic compass or Magnetometer (Camera app and famous GPS) is capable of enabling a new breed of augmented actuality. You will by no means be lost once more with this smartphone from RIM.

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