Nature Camp For Kids At Dater Montessori School In Westwood

Six years and running, I’ve been privately studying philosophies and methodologies of education. Also working in different fields of education. I home-schooled a group of three awesome kids; 7, 11, and 14. I was employed by LearningRx. My job, Cognitive Skills Trainer, can be summed up as exciting and intense one-on-one coaching. My time assisting Ms. Lynne in the Banyon Room at a private Montessori school in Jupiter was fulfilling and interesting. The Montessori philosophy has a lot of strong points. Last to mention, I started a private tutoring company called StudyWorks, which flopped around for a three year period. It evolved mentally into Jupiter Mentorship, which is still on but only in my mind.

If you can be consistent by making sure that every member of the family is living up to the requirements, it’ll be much easier for kids to comply with the standards. On the other hand, if you bend the rules (especially at the beginning of a new regimen), get ready for everyone in your family to start testing to see where the boundaries are.

MINIMIZE THE CLUTTER AROUND THE HOUSE. Everything lying on the floor, on the dining room table, or on the kitchen counter speaks to whoever walks by. Bring in a professional organizer or reduce some the “stuff” your family has. Donate the things that are no longer used and then notice the difference in how your family feels emotionally.

Kenan’s set was energetic and original. Without trying too hard he was able to get the crowd involved sans a string of well-known hit songs. The kid has talent.

Both up and down. In fact, I get letters from adults who respond to the story. A 25-year-old violinist in the Iraqi National Symphony wrote that she uses the book as a defense against stage fright. And I’ve received notes from adult men who’ve admitted to shedding tears at the emotions raised in the story. Yet there’s nothing depressing or frightening in the plot. I find it surprising that, if anything, fathers seem to react more emotionally than anyone to the story.

Every chance I get. I’ve read in private and public schools, at a Daycare Near Me, at a United Nations school. In two weeks I’m returning for my third visit to an elementary school in a multi-ethnic section of Queens, New York.

They had to remember themselves as those people, in those places, doing whatever, and then coming somehow — on foot, by car, by plane, by gigantic winged snapping turtle — to the party. They had to remember coming to the site of the party — up or down some stairs, through a park, up in an elevator — and coming through the door of the room in which the party was being held. I made them sit on the floor with their eyes closed, remembering all these things that were completely fictional. Then I told them to stand up and be at the party.

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