Protect Your Child Against Strangers With A Personal Alarm

Because of this and other tragedies, colleges are quickly adding better security to their campuses. And that’s great because our kids have it hard enough trying to adapt to college life on campus. They want an education — but how about some safety education!

The best advice is to travel with any items of value such as laptops, money, jewellery, confidential information and sensitive files where they are hidden from view inside the boot or trunk.

I yelled at him and told him “don’t stop or I will ride in to you. A second later Kelly said “I hear something and its getting louder” I said ” I hear it to and it sounds like a train”.

Most colleges do very well in protecting the student body but when you think about it there is normally a few thousand students and maybe 100 security guards trying to protect everyone. For the most part this works very well but year after year there is a large amount of crimes committed on campus. These include robbery, sexual assault, and harassment just to name a few. The chances of a crime happening to your child are not huge but the risk is always there.

If you are attacked, make a lot of noise. Many women and girls who are attacked become so frightened they forget to scream, which is strange, but true. Activate your personal alarm for children system.

Carry something that could be used as a weapon. Keys are an obvious choice, but aren’t actually that useful -an attacker would have to get pretty close to you before you could use them. An umbrella or even a purse can be used to hit someone. If you make yourself a difficult victim, you’re less likely to become a victim. Carry pepper spray and as soon as you feel uncomfortable, pull it out of your purse.

This list seems like a lot but as you begin to check things off you will find that you are becoming more confident that mom is safe in the home that she wants to stay in.

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Protect Your Child Against Strangers With A Personal Alarm

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