Some Senior Home Care Tips

For some, their impression of a nursing home is a cruel place where the elderly is left until the end of days. However, if you look at it on another way, it is not really like that. People who bring their loved ones to the care homes are actually spending more. Since they are not able to care for the elderly, they choose to spend for it and look for the best care home that they can find. One thing that is in their criteria is the cleanliness and sanitation of the care home. This is where care home supplies play a big role. Since the elderly are prone to getting ill, it is important that the care home is always squeaky clean.

Ask them to leave behind valuables – Nursing homes, though safe, normally do not allow their residents to keep valuables with them such as money or jewelries. So you can ask your elders to give you their items instead for safekeeping or tell them that they should stash it somewhere safe before you take them to the nursing home.

As the owner or manager of a care home facility, you must see to it that you are maintaining the quality and standard that is expected of you. All areas must be checked such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge area, and other parts of the care home. The bathroom should be especially taken cared of because the elderly patients may sometimes encounter accidents during elimination. We will always want a clean bathroom.

Medicare will pay for a home health aide if your loved one is homebound and has need of skilled nursing care. In that case, a home health care nurse will visit. Examples of skilled nursing needs include dressing changes, blood tests, monitoring someone with advanced Alzheimer’s, etc. If your loved one has a skilled nursing need, they will qualify for a home health aide. The aide can help your loved one with things like bathing, eating, and exercises as recommended by a physical therapist (you can get a physical therapist to come to the home, too, if needed). Medicare pays the entire cost of home health care.

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